How original is this!!!.... – Urban Nomads Co

How original is this!!!....

This original modern artist Bruce Shapiro turns art into a living piece of work. The art changes continuously, new shapes and designs bring the dullest of coffee tables to life. I can only imagine gawking at these coffee tables for hours on end.

Bruce has certainly come up with something original and transformed the tools that create sculpture into the sculpture itself. He produces these tables that have a metal ball inside which trace spectacular patterns in layers of thin sand. Shapiro has named this project Sisyphus. Much like the Greek mytha metal balls that moves through the finest of sand and seems to be forever rolling and creating patterns. In Greek mythology Sisyphus cheated death and as the Greek gods were enraged with him they made him forever push a huge round rock up the hills to torment him.

Well unlike the tragic story of Sisyphus this coffee/gawking table brings a light hearted smile to any tragic character. Way to go Bruce so freaking original!!!

Check his work out, pretty cool stuff!!!.