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Shea Butter Citrus Beard Balm and Wax

Shea Butter Citrus Beard Balm and Wax

$ 24.99

Shape Your Beard Into The Stuff Of Legends.

Mind Your Own Beard Wax! This perfectly balanced citrus beard wax will let you shape and transform your beard style into a masterpiece. It’s about time you start sculpting your face like Dali and Gaudi.

We responsibly source organic ingredients to make our mustache and beard wax second to none. It sings heavenly subtle scents of rose-hip, orange and sweet almond Shea butter. It dances on the fringe of space and time evenly with a natural shine that would make your mama cry pride tears. Believe it or not, it has biceps that will masterfully sculpt and hold your facial hair in the kind of perfect symmetry a north pole explorer would envy. A beard oil with more innate skills than 007, beard control an easy mission with this little golden wonder!


  • Creamy Beeswax and Shea Butter for a Soft Hold.
  • Argan Oil Beard Wax Moisturizes Hair and Skin.
  • Orange and Lemon Oils Disinfect & Refreshes Your Beard and Stache.
  • Rosehip Beard Oil and Vitamin E Keep Hair Healthy.
  • 2 FL OZ | 60ML = 1 pea-sized drop/day = 6-8 weeks
  • Aromatic Ingredients: Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Sweet Almond, Rosehip, Bergamot Orange, Lemon with Vitamin E