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Jojoba & Peppermint Shaving Gel
Jojoba & Peppermint Shaving Gel
Jojoba & Peppermint Shaving Gel

Jojoba & Peppermint Shaving Gel

$ 18.95

A Skin Healing Mix of Silky Perfection.

Anti-bacteria Lemon Oil Cleanses The Shave. For centuries, the beards and mustaches of Spain’s matadors, leaders and pioneers have been sculpted to perfection in anticipation of their finest hour. Now, it no longer has to hurt thanks to our “3 in 1” and then some Shaving Gel. Our recipe uses natural oils for a lather that not only glides smoother, but repairs your face as a pre-shave oil. It transforms into a luxurious semi-transparent lather that lets you actually see your precise strokes. Getting everything in one pass = less irritation = more pleasure = mo betta.

Glide with glycerin, hydrate with Jojoba, refresh with peppermint, disinfect with lemon and soothe it all down with some silky sweet almond. When mixed with a dash warm water, our premium natural oils help hairs jump out of your razor faster than a matador from the ring. It’s a dashingly fresh experience that is so masterfully hand-crafted, Picasso would have used it. Trust us, your perfectly trimmed face is gonna feel like it just won the lottery, whilst chilling in a hammock on a catamaran in the Mediterranean.

  • Jojoba Oil Shaving Gel Hydrates for a Transparent Smooth Glide.
  • Hair-Softening Sweet Almond Shaving Oil Reduces Itch and Irritation.
  • Peppermint Oil Refreshingly Cools Your Hot Face Forest.
  • Sunflower Oil Acts as a Natural Anti-Aging and Skin Tightener.
  • Aromatic Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond, Peppermint, Sunflower, Lemon, Glycerin