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Did you know: "The Shave…."

Detergent free shaving gel

Having been in the curious world of grooming for a while now I have heard so many opinions about the best way to shave, why, how, when and what to moisturize, that I decided to go out on quick investigation and share my findings with you. Now, because I have seen and heard so many ‘expert’ opinions I will not profess an absolute truth but will briefly summarize some of the findings for your consideration. Well here it goes…

According to the Cleveland Clinic it is said that the rate of your hair/beard growth is genetically determined. How frequently you need to shave, is subject to a plethora of factors. Genes, weather (hot/cold) and moisture levels of your skin, are all factors that play a part in follicle growth. It is not solely the frequency of our shaving rituals, which is different for each person, that define the growth cycle. Hhhhmm…

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends a wet shave to be the safest an most likely way to reduce the chances of nicks and irritations (tax dollars at work). The higher the ability of the shaving gel is to lubricate and hydrate the skin the smoother the shave. Many if not most shaving gels, contain detergents to froth of your foam. This, what is also known as lathering, actually reduces the hydration of the skin even more dries the skin which makes the skin more prone to irritations. We would recommend a detergent free gel and there some smaller companies making detergent free shaving gel. It’s a really different shave and since I have been using the all-natural gels or creams and have not had a nick or irritation in years. So worth considering.

Now the other factoid, and again not professing anything here. But, shaving in the direction of the hair growth probably won't give you a close shave, but you'll reduce your chances of getting nicks, cuts and other types of irritation. Shaving against the hair growth won’t make the hair coarser, it just changes the angle of the cut on the hair. The latter in some cases may cause ingrown hair but then again good moisturizing and disinfecting goes a long way. I personally prefer, going with the follicle flow once and not grating the skin but that’s just me. Needless to say that a sharp and clean blade plays a role in this as well.

Ok Guys, as you most certainly know the shave is a personal ritual and only you know what works best for you. So enjoy you Nature (our credo;). We do however hope it was of interest and look forward to next collage of groomin’ trivia.

All the best,

Urban Nomads