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Grooming timetravel...

Historic grooming techniques

The City of Bath is home to one of the most famous and important Roman remains in Northern Europe.

The Roman Bath houses had not only bathing facilities but hot sweat rooms and massage rooms, where the Romans would indulge in massages with therapeutic aromatic oils. They also had rest rooms where they socialised, ate and read in the same way we use modern spars today. The Roman's bathing culture was incomprehensible to the unwashed Northern European tribes !

It's believed that the Romans gained the knowledge of cold extraction of essential oils from aromatic botanicals from the Egyptians when in 30 B.C. they invaded and took over Egypt from Cleopatra. They favoured aromatical botanicals such as bay laurel, marjoram, pine, cinnomon and juniper. After the essential oils were removed from the botanicals by cold extraction they were added to a carrier oil such as olive oil. Olive oil was mostly used because it preserved the quality of the essential oils for a longer period of time. Roman soldiers would carry marjoram balms with them to clean and heal any battle wounds. 

But Hey! you don't have to be a Roman soldier to get the very best care!

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Enjoy your Nature and Carpe diem!!!